Ray Khan

Author-Martial Artist-Fitness Expert

No one can tell me that you can’t pursue your dreams and passion,  as long as you remain inspired by them.

How do you see the world?

My perception of life is based upon my experiences as a behavioral modification teacher, martial arts instructor, fitness expert for Fortune 500 companies and my desire to share my experiences through medium of books and seminars.

Stark contrasts in life experiences which range from life in the jungle of South America to the wilderness of Rocky Mountain, the blur of life in Miami, the empathy of Japan and the versatility of life in Kenya, have defined my purpose as a teacher.

True Teacher


Guru of understanding the intellect. Knowledge is power. Transposing your wisdom into books is how I help others grow.

Martial Artist

Guru of emotional awareness. True victory is victory over oneself. Self observation is the lost essence of martial arts.

Fitness Expert

Guru of physical transformation. Transform your body and change your life. If equal attention is given to the intellect and emotions.

My Journey

I grew up in Guyana, a former British Colony in South America where manners maketh the man. Raised in Roman Catholic tradition by the Jesuits, my siblings and I are all Roman Catholic with a Muslim mother of Arab descent and a Catholic father of Indian descent. My mother’s side consisted of the Pathans or horseback warriors which is probably why I have a devout interest in weapons based martial arts and since my father’s ancestors were from India this would explain my deep seated desire to continue learning more philosophy inspired from the ancient Vedic traditions of yoga.

Despite outside influences from the Marine Corps, College, various career paths from public school teacher, a versatile fitness expert to the extremely rich and not so famous and everyone in between, I have never lost sight of my passion for training, teaching and writing. After a major TBI I had to relearn how to write and give more thought to engaging my left side, things that I never had to think about before.When you lose your cognition, your career and go from having a fabulous life to homelessness there are specific things that you have to do to get your life back.

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