As a former public school teacher in both Miami and Denver Public Schools Ray Khan’s purpose and vision is to improve the lower literacy rates and fitness levels in children and the adventure series addresses this in a fun way that inspires children to read more and move more while learning what it takes to be a good citizen. In addition he has added educational activities on the website with a section on global conservation.

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Martial Artist

For over twenty five years Ray Khan has taught edged weapons systems. He is a Martial Arts Instructor under Bruce Lee protégée Dan Inosanto and a Black Belt in Progressive Fighting Systems under NHB Fighter and Instructor Clarence Thatch. As a former public school teacher in Miami Dade County he implemented and taught self -defense training to teachers and boxing programs to keep kids off the streets.

Ray Khan is the author of Jeet Kune Do Concepts -The Martial Art for Self Observation,which is available on Amazon Books.

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Fitness Expert

Ray has developed several exercise programs including the Kickboxing Circuit Training Integration Workout which expends even more energy than boxing because it utilizes your legs as well as your arms and hands. The results oriented workout is very popular as the energy expended is on par with, or even greater than, running a six-minute mile because the high degree of hip flexion in the kickboxing portion is directly related to heart rate. Relative to other sports activities, boxing ranks fourth for energy expenditure (just below running a six-minute mile).  Learn More